Prometheus @50 Event

Do you remember where you were when you first saw this letterhead and realized that you had been accepted as a participant in Project Prometheus? Me neither. But that doesn't alter the fact that it has now been 50 years since the first contingent of Prometheans came to Southern Oregon College to find out what a Promethean actually was. To commemorate that singular event, there will be a gathering of our tribe in the Ashland area on May 21, 2016. Uncle Bob will be in attendance, to see how his grand concept worked out after five decades of maturation!  And 2016 is not only the 50th anniversary of the first PP session but also Uncle Bob's 85th natal anniversary, so it's a double celebration!

Hope you can make it!


Ashland Springs Hotel •Ÿ Crystal Room •Ÿ 212 E Main St., Ÿ Ashland, OR

Saturday • May 21, 2016 •Ÿ 3 pm to 8 pm

Catered hors d’oeuvers •Ÿ no-host beer/wine bar

Spouses, partners, excellent friends, etc. are welcome!

No registration/entry fee