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Well, first, guys; what's with the list of "unable to find" people...y'all ever hear of google? I'm sitting here in a boring meeting and decided to google myself (even though it makes hair grow on my keyboard), and on about page Eleven up comes "Project Prometheus"!

Well, How-DEE!

I have a cleaned-up life story. Though, it omits the jail time, the passionate loves, the tragic losses...:
Born in Los Angeles, and raised in the mountains of Oregon; educated in both the US and Italy before graduating with a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, Kile Ozier has built a career encompassing three decades.

After college, he worked for World Campus Afloat/Semester at Sea off and between Central America, Asia and the South Pacific, arranging in-port programs for the traveling student body and as fly-ahead for these programs during the semester. Following this, he returned to Washington, D.C. as National Youth Director for President Ford in his 1976 election campaign. The campaign over, Mr. Ozier worked at the U.S. Department of State (U.S. Youth Council), directing International Conferences of young political leaders in Western Europe and the United States.

Moving to San Francisco in 1978 and going to work for Levi Strauss & Co. marked the first, most direct manifestation of Mr. Ozier's social consciousness, since spearheading the Earth Day demonstration at his high school in 1970. Founding and chairing the first home office Community Involvement Team in the history of Levi Strauss, Ozier initiated fundraising campaigns and events in support of local institutions such as San Francisco's Recreation Center for the Handicapped, evolving to involve several other San Francisco-based corporations in the process.

From Levi, Mr. Ozier spent a year as Publications Director for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; leaving that to freelance as a writer and political consultant before returning to the corporate world as staff writer for Pacific Bell's External Affairs Division a year later. Once his talent for production and organizational skills came to the attention of the CEO, and the Mayor’s Office, Kile soon found himself being "loaned" by the company to the City of San Francisco to produce Mayor Feinstein's 1984 Inaugural.
This arrangement grew to the point that Ozier was repeatedly “assigned” to the City Hall office of Protocol to produce ceremonies such as those for the President of France, the Premier of China, and the spectacular Rotunda Reception kick-off for 10,000 as part of the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco.

Ensuing years saw Ozier producing scores of Civic ceremonies and celebrations for the Mayors of San Francisco, including the Agnos Mayoral Inaugural in 1988, several Fleet Week Celebrations (receiving a Letter of Commendation from the Secretary of the Navy for "Best US Navy Event in 1989"), the visits of several Foreign Heads of State and the San Francisco-hosted NFL Super Bowl events. During this period, Mr. Ozier left the telephone company to join FM Productions for a stint before opening his own office as Ozier Production in San Francisco's Financial District.

Under the auspices of Ozier Production, Kile continued to produce civic and corporate ceremonies along with an appreciable amount of writing and industrial video production. Most significant during this time was the concept development and production of Stanford University's National Centennial Celebration Tour (1987-1990); conceiving, creating and taking a 360°, ballroom-sized replica of Stanford's most well-known feature, The Quad, to eleven cities over three years and Producing and Directing a pair of full-length musical productions as part of that context.

Concurrent with this, Mr. Ozier initiated a fundraising effort in his living room that has grown to become one of San Francisco's most significant annual AIDS Events. Recognizing its twenty-eighth anniversary in 2008, Academy of Friends (re-named from Friends of Oscar in 1990) set new standards in fundraising and themed experience production and structure that are standard procedure in many contexts, today. Completely underwritten through personal and corporate contributions and in-kind donation, the organization could guarantee that 100% of the ticket price goes directly to each year's beneficiary AIDS direct-care agencies, which change annually to respond to areas of greatest need.
This unique event continues with an integrity and screening process so sophisticated that AT&T has Academy of Friends administer its corporate AIDS contributions in Northern California.

With production values that surpass any other event of its kind, Academy of Friends has grown to become the largest annual Academy Awards event outside Los Angeles and one of the largest AIDS funding institution in Northern California.

Retiring from the Chair and Board in 1990, Mr. Ozier moved to Los Angeles to expand his work into theme parks and film while continuing to produce large-scale ceremonies. Most significant to Kile is the production of the Candle Light Vigil for 250,000 at the Lincoln Memorial for the International AIDS Memorial Quilt Display in Washington, D.C. in October of 1992.
The major project for 1993-1994 was Producer and Director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Gay Games IV at Yankee Stadium in New York City. At that time, the largest gathering of athletes of that century, surpassing even the Los Angeles or Barcelona Olympic Games in number of athletic participants.

Late 1994 and 1995 saw Kile busy developing concepts at Universal Studios Hollywood, including the writing some of the first original live show concepts for the new Islands of Adventure project in Orlando, in addition to concept development for a separate, entirely new theme park then planned for Hollywood…though, never realized.
In April of 1996, Mr. Ozier was recruited to move to Orlando and accept the position of Director of Creative Development at Universal Studios Florida.

Mr. Ozier has remained active in community and AIDS-related work, having served on the Board of Directors of the AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and as Vice-Chair of the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation.

Ozier relocated to New York in April of 1997 and went to work writing and developing theatrical projects and the development of unique and compelling, stirring spectacles.

Ozier was elected to the Board of Directors of the Themed Entertainment Association (T.E.A.) in November of 1998, and continues to serve on the Eastern Board of this international body.

In 1999, he created their Guidelines for Protocol and Ceremonies as a consultant to the international Federation of Gay Games. The document was ratified, unanimously, by this multinational body at the 1999 Annual Meeting in Berlin.

On March 23, 2000, Mayor Willie Brown proclaimed Kile Ozier Day in San Francisco, “to recognize and honor his creative vision…” and for his dedication to that community.

From early 2000 through to June of 2002, Ozier developed concept, directed and produced the “Think Again!” Touring Experience for Stanford University. This centerpiece of a $1 billion Capital Campaign for Undergraduate Education had the over-arching mission of creating “…a national network of alumni, re-connected to the University.” In leaving “rooms full of weeping millionaires” in each of the 12 Cities toured by this spectacular multi-media experience before it wrapped in June of 2002, this mission was unassailably accomplished: $1.1 billion raised.

Subsequent to the Stanford Project, Harvard Law School approached Kile and, in the Spring of 2003, he created the launch experience for that institution’s $500 million development campaign, “Setting the Standard.” Though it was a bit more daunting task to attempt to bring a roomful of lawyers to wistful tears, Ozier claims he saw at least three, wet-eyed lawyers, that night. A contextual victory.


School Story:

more story...

The greater part of 2005/2006 was spent in the writing, Creative Direction and Direction of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Gay Games VII (Chicago – July 15 – 22, 2006). Opening Ceremonies, in Soldier Field, hosted over 11,000 athletes for a magnificent, compelling spectacle with a cast of over 1300 in a powerful, ceremonial and storytelling experience.

Ozier set the record for Olympic-style processionals with this Ceremony; bringing the 11,000 athletes onto the field in 46 minutes in a unique re-conceiving of Athletes’ Processional that gave more individual focus to each team of athletes while cutting the overall time for this component by nearly two-thirds. This moment was followed by a surprise, instantaneous lighting effect, involving the entire population of athletes, creating a football field-size Pride Flag on the floor of Soldier Field.
Closing Ceremonies, in the iconic Wrigley Field, was an extravaganza of festive celebration, culminating in a show-stopping special performance by Cyndi Lauper.

Between shows, Ozier participated in the Physique competition; bringing home a Bronze Medal.

Throughout the year, Ozier presents seminars on applications of his methodologies of
• Exploration of Assumption,
• Comfortable Disorientation,
• Liberating Preconception,
• Successive Revelation of and
• Subliminal Engagement
in the Experience.

His presentation at The Special Event (Dallas, January, 2005), “Effective Message Delivery in a Data- and Event-Saturated World” was so well-received that he continues to evolve the presentation and continues to offer it, annually, at this event as well as presenting smaller, public and privately-targeted seminars to groups of non-profit development and directing executives across the country and throughout the year.
Some recent incarnations have been “Zen and the Art of Emotional Space” for the Experience Architecture Forum at Harvard University, in August of 2007 (invited back for 2008) and “Profound Emotional Connection Through Creation of Experience” for the Emerald Valley Development Professionals conference in Eugene, OR in March of 2008.

Kile Ozier is a deeply empathetic man, committed to improving the quality of life on the planet; able to channel his passion into the projects he approaches such that the team that builds finds themselves inspired and motivated by the work they do equal to the feelings drawn from and connection inspired within the targeted audience. Whatever might be the envisioned, motivational outcome, he is able to position the story to most effectively realize the inherent potential. Whether through writing, film or theatre, Ozier accomplishes his compelling work through evolved storytelling techniques. He believes that without authenticity, one cannot truly be effective.

Okay, that's all the "Official Stuff" - but damn, I'd love to be at the reunion - if I'd known, I'd've made sure to have one of my U.S. visits coincide with this Momentous Occasion...

Love to catch up with Kenn Conger and Calvin Cummings; I haven't seen those two since the summer we were each successively seduced by the same Prometheus Principal...!

Where's Sonja Kruse and the beautiful Ginger Frost?

Whatever happened to the other FUBAR guys?

...and Davey - the guy who could do the entire "inna gadda da vida" drum solo...?

UPDATE: August 2014

Moved to SF again in 2011
Now living and working in Dubai, Milan and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan...

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