Dave Aikins

Profile Updated: June 22, 2009
Class Year: 1966
Residing In: Jacksonville, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: (currently between)
Occupation: Broadcast Field Engineer
Children: Kate, born 1999
Natalie, born 1997
Ivan, born 1991 (I met him when he was 5)
Military Service: US Army  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Comments / Life Story:

Many adventures, several careers, several marriages, many fond memories, intentional amnesia about some other situations, scars, wrinkles, and grey hair. Still alive: everything is coming along just fine!

Have been a professional musician, cat skinner, US Army, air traffic controller, ranch hand, high lead logger and timber faller, real estate agent, inspector in several electronics plants, hospital electronics technician, mobile home salesman, wireless internet microwave tech, radio tower maintenance (climber), currently self-employed as a broadcast field engineer (polite term for Rube Goldberg impersonator)

School Story:

Booted out of high school before graduation - married the valedictorian of that class anyway. Several starts at further schooling, while working and then on GI Bill. After working in logging for about 20 years, went to a community college and got some kind of certificate that said I know how to solder or something. (AAS just looks more like it must refer to overcoming a drinking problem than a credible college degree.)

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Dave Aikins has a birthday today.
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Dave Aikins has a birthday today.
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