William Hinkle

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William Hinkle
Class Year: 1966
Residing In: Santa Cruz, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Christie L. (Greer) Hinkle
Occupation: Street Pastor
Children: Arthur, born 1976
Seth, born 1981
Rachel, born 1982
Isaac,born 1983
Yes! Attending Reunion
Comments / Life Story:

In the fall of 1967 I was a Boy Scout (Jr/Asst Scoutmaster working on my Eagle), I had decided to enter the ministry (accepted at seminary with scholarship offers), I had enough credits to graduate ahead of my class, and considered a "good Kid" by the school, community, family and friends.
By spring of 1968 I was an outcast; excommunicated by my church, denied my rank by the scouts, and informed by the school system that I was unwelcome on campus (I was told if I showed up I would be expelled but if I agreed not to attend the final semester I would be allowed to graduate with the rest of my friends).
1969 was lost to drugs and rebellion, 1970 and 71 were spent in prison.
1972 I met my wife
Since then I have held over 60 jobs including but not limited to:
Unloading 50lb bags of dehydrated blood from boxcars
Building cellars around christmas trees in the Permian Basin
Selling recycled sidewalks
Working the high steel
Digging graves
and many more
I have owned retail, wholesale, advertising, and service businesses.

My education includes assoc degrees in business admin and sales with a minor in accounting (before Computers); Certification as a automotive service engineer specializing in front end alignment, brakes and diagnostic tuneup; Cooking (Chef Course in OSCI); Emergency medical response; and life experiance (legal and social) gained from dealing with the "system" as an outsider.

I have been both the bread winner and the primary care provider (P.C. for MR MOM) in my marriage. I am the Lord and Master of my household (my wife gave me permission to make foolish statements like this)

I would like to note that the Federal Gov Dept of Rehab tested me and after an extensive 2 week battery of exams covering psyco-logical, educational, and manual dexterity they provided me with a list of the jobs I was best suited for. Starting from the least favorable to my best option these are the results:
In third place a Photographer because of my scence of balance (not my spelling).
In second- salesman or politician (I assume a senator and a used-car dealer have the same skills and integrity).
The career they determined that offered me the greatest opportunity of success and satisfaction is --- Comedian!!
10,000,000 clowns out of work and they want me to run away with the circus.

I am now a street pastor and an advocate for the homeless and outcasts of society. I am known as "Pops" to the street kids, I offer a friendly ear, a shoulder to lean on, advice they don't have to use, my love and my prayers. My only rule is that if they call me "dad" I have the right to act like one and chew their butts if I think they deserve it (so far about a dozen have given me that honor and even introduce Chris and I as their children's grandparents.)

I was always an outsider, and I believe what I went through prepared me the misson I have undertaken. When I offered my life to God as a boy there was no-way that I could have understood or empathized with the people I work with now and they would not have believed or trusted me because I would've represented the society that rejected and discarded them. Forty years in the wilderness (1968-2008), scoff-law, outlaw, and rebel; I tuned in, turned on and dropped out of a world that rejected me. Those around me wondered why I didn't live up to my potential as I jumped from job to job; my only goals raising a family and experiancing as much as I could.
I am including descriptions of me by others, they do better than I can.

My wife says I go through life scooping up whatever attracts my attention, spinning it like a juggler with a shiny rock until I get bored or something else catches my eye. It is the best explination for all the times I started some business adventure, got it up and running only to walk away or the employers I frustrated by turning down offers of stability.

I introduced my daughter Rachel (16) to Steve Horton; shaking his hand she said "I'm very pleased to meet you; my father told me never to talk to strangers, but I've never met anyone stranger than he is so I guess you're OK". I didn't know whether to laugh or kill her, but as I was decideing Steve said "That's your Kid alright" so I let her live.

A friend and mentor said I was both cursed and blessed: my curse- "If everyone stood side by side looking straight ahead; I would be a few degrees off, seeing the everything from a different perspective."; my blessing - "I get peoples attention and when I point they see what I do."

This is my story so far, my comments can be found on Youtube Oretroll's channel or http://pops-hinkle.spaces.live.com. As to the future; I have a plan!!!!!

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